Picking an event and program portfolio

Spend some time picking a good balance of programs and events. Different factors to consider include:

  • Target audience – Antagonists? Cautiously receptive? Committed advocate?
  • Depth – One-on-one conversation? Speaker in a large auditorium? 
  • Frequency – ​Weekly email? Monthly commitment reminder? Monthly lunch? Speaker annually?
  • Time and Resources required to produce – Sign folks up for the Allies at Work newsletter? Plan and coordinate the #metoo experience share
  • Knowledge vs caring vs practice – Allyship guide? Fishbowl conversation? Scenario and role play?

Introduce your colleagues to the Allies at Work newsletter

Get colleagues signed up for the Allies at Work email course. It's free, short, and impactful. A lot of content can be taught through email in a six month period. You can forward this link to signup: and you can sign yourself up with this button below

Using the weekly email, you'll have consistency with programming and can build from there with more in-depth and high-touch events and programs. Check out our Events and Programs page to see a variety of options and choose a good balance. Align your event and program portfolio with your goals.