#metoo experience share
People read true stories of sexual assault, harassment, and gender bias submitted by colleagues. Those wishing to remain anonymous can write their stories, submit anonymously and have a colleague read it. (read more)

Casual Lunch or Drinks
Participants discuss current events, community dynamics, and hot topics over lunch or drinks. (read more)

Initiative Kickoff
Kickoff your initiative with food; provide info; inspire colleagues to get involved. (read more)

Co-host a social gathering
Co-host a social gathering with another initiative or an event put on by the HR department. Partnerships boost your visibility, share pooled resources, and/or leverage existing event infrastructure. (read more)

A structured small group discussion in which men on sit on the outside of a circle, listening to a conversation between women on the inside. After a period of listening, the group comes together to discuss as a group. (read more)

Guest Speaker
Host a speaker – could be a D&I professional, an academic expert, a business leader, or anyone with a compelling story. (read more)

Interview a female colleague
Men interview female colleagues (hopefully getting a diverse group of female interviewees with different identities in terms of race and sexual orientation). (read more)

Panel Discussion
Host a panel of speakers on a hot topic or current event – academic experts, D&I professionals, business leaders, or others. (read more)

Power Couples
Dual-earner couples discuss what it's like for them to be in high-powered careers while sharing home responsibilities like chores and child raising(read more)

Scenarios / Role Plays
Participants practice responding to different, real-world scenarios. (read more)

Small Group Conversations
Small groups discuss gender dynamics, current events, hot topics. (read more)

Town-hall Brainstorm
Women in a community create their own list of allyship requests. Experiences of women of color and queer women are highlighted. Men do the logistical work of documenting, editing, getting feedback, and distributing the final product. (read more)


Allyship initiative website
Have a website for the allyship initiative to provide information on who you are, what you do, the mission statement, events, and other educational resources. (read more)

Allyship commitments
Contracts are commitments that allyship members choose for themselves (from a list of options). They're reminded of the commitments they selected via monthly emails, and are asked to evaluate themselves on how they've done. (read more)

Print Materials
Have ready-to-go print materials to hand out about your allyship initiative and inclusive practices. These go hand-in-hand with having a website, so that the physical handout can refer to more online information and signups. (read more)

Short weekly email
Very short weekly emails with topics related to diversity, inclusion, and allyship. (read more)

Training Program
A six series training program for your Program Leads and most dedicated members. (read more)