Allyship club website

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Have a website for the allyship initiative to provide information on who you are, what you do, the mission statement, events, and other educational resources.


  • Provide a place where interested folks can learn more about the initiative, how to get involved, upcoming events, etc
  • Provide educational materials useful for becoming more aware of and learning allyship skills

Theory of Change

By having easy access to info about the initiative, programs, events, and educational resources, as well as a simple way to sign up for newsletters, more people will become engaged and learn more about allyship


Costs and food

  • $0 if using free website service like wordpress or weebly​
  • For your own domain name, $15/year for a domain name and $5 for hosting
  • Target and likely audience

    • Prospective members and new employees and looking up info about the initiative or how to get involved
    • Current members reading about programs and upcoming events
    • Media who want to learn about your company’s allyship efforts and how to get in contact
    • Prospective employees who want to learn about the allyship initiative

    Roles and responsibilities

    Program Lead

    • Coordinate content for the website.
    • Ability to use simple web-building apps like wordpress or weebly
    • Get info about event times and locations and update website

    Agenda / Program

    Web pages and features

    • Mission statement
    • About: history and current leadership; group photo​
    • Upcoming events, locations, times, updates
    • Programs
    • Sign up for membership, newsletters, class social media groups, etc​
    • Educational resources

    Tips and pitfalls

    • Though you’ll be making the website on a computer, the majority of your users will be using smartphones – don’t forget to optimize for mobile.
    • Have a few great images from events – they’re often more important than words
    • The more succinct you are the better
    • Don't forget to consider prospective employees as an important audience