Allyship Commitments

Allies at Work can help you manage allyship commitment logistics if you have your members use our commitment form'll send you all the names and emails of anybody who signs up under your company name. We can also work with you to create a unique version for your company


Contracts are commitments that allyship members choose for themselves (from a list of options). They're reminded of the commitments they selected via monthly emails, and are asked to evaluate themselves on how they've done.


  • Provide a meaningful way for men to commit themselves to the kind of actions they want to take
  • Provide actions and reflections that most men would not think of on their own (i.e. this doubles as an educational tool)
  • Monthly nudges can cause behavior change

Theory of Change

  • Providing small, consistent nudges to reflect on behavior puts identity in the forefronts of folks' brains (for a short time) consistently
  • If men across companies are signing these commitments, it can provide a sense of solidarity and connection to a larger movement


Costs and food


Location / Participation Size

Enthusiastic and receptive men

Other resources needed

Survey program (e.g. google forms) to capture commitments and to evaluate themselves on those commitments

Roles and responsibilities

Program lead
  • Ensure that contract info materials are available at events and that this program gets communicated through announcements and email.
  • Send tailored monthly reminders/evaluations to each person with their chosen commitments

Agenda / Program

Tips and pitfalls

  • Make sure to actually send the self-evaluation once a month. Small nudges really do make a difference over time.
  • Timeline

    The beginning of a new quarter might be a good time to launch this program.

    One month before launch / new quarter begins

    • Finalize timeline for marketing and communications
    • Finalize commitment options
    • Finalize process for sending individuals their chosen commitments and a method for self-evaluation


    Subject: Become a male ally – low time commitment and big impact

    By now you've probably heard of the [allyship initiative]. If you're interested in becoming an ally – a man at our company who cares about gender equity (which is primarily a commitment of intention, not so much time), please take 90 seconds and fill out the allyship contract online: [link to contract]

    Let me know if you have any questions!