Print materials

Allies at Work has ready-to-go informational materials and templates that we can tailor to your specific company and needs. Email


Have ready-to-go print materials to hand out about your allyship group and inclusive practices. These go hand-in-hand with having a website, so that the physical handout can refer to more online information and signups.


  • Reach many people with information they can hold in their hands and take with them
  • Raise awareness about the allyship initiative
  • Raise awareness of inclusive practices
  • Have professional quality handouts to give credibility to your initiative

Theory of Change

  • Many people won't go look at a website or articles on their own, but will take a few seconds or a minute to read through a physical handout
  • Logistics

    Costs and food

  • Printing costs vary widely with different options such as paper stock, color, and quantity
  • Target / likely audience

    You don't want to force handouts on people, so you'll most likely be giving these to people who want them.

    Location / Participation Size

    • Give these out at any event related to allyship – especially at your own events, and especially at events geared towards new employees

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Program Lead. Work with designer to create handouts for (1) initiative info and (2) educational info. Make sure postcard is completed before any orientation opportunities to reach new employees. Make sure other Program leads know about handouts, have them at their events, and can easily access them

    Tips and pitfalls

    • A simple and informative postcard-type handout on your allyship initiative can make a lasting impression on new employees
    • Having both club info and educational handouts will increase your legitimacy, which will increase your ability to make an impact
    • Have more in-depth educational info handouts both for active initiative members as well as at the end of awareness raising events where people are inspired to learn more


    One month before start of academic year

    • Review MBA allies templates or past year's handouts on (1) club info, and (2) educational information

    Two weeks before start of academic year

    • Finalize designs and send to print shop

    One week before start of academic year, in time for orientation week

    • Pick up material from printer
    • Store in convenient location(s) for handing out at orientation events, campus events and tabling, and other allyship club events off-campus

    During term

    • Print more as necessary