Allyship Leadership Descriptions

Allyship group lead

  • Coordinates programming and communications with Partner Group board
  • Ensures planning for programs and events happens in a timely fashion
  • Recruits others to take on leadership roles (i.e. Program Lead)
  • Supports and provides accountability to Program Leads
  • Ensures evaluation of program overall as well as specific programs and events
  • Recruits multiple potential successors
  • Transitions program duties, documents, and key relationships to successor
  • Acts as point person and representative to community members, external groups, and media

Program Leads

Check out Event and Programs for specific descriptions

Steering Committee

Some allyship groups have steering committees made up of underrepresented people in the workplace to ensure the allyship group is acting with accountability. Events and programs are run by the steering committee before implementing them.

Biannual Program Review

Twice a year (or periodically), the steering committee does the following:

  • Creates a calendar of events and programming to avoid overlap
  • Brainstorms new programs, strategies for recruitment, and overall program design
  • Strategizes on priorities for where to allocate resources