Structuring Accountability

Steering Committee

If you're creating an allyship initiative to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all people, you'll need to create a steering committee. This would be comprised of 4-5 people from underrepresented groups. To hold the allyship group accountable, all events and programming will get run by the steering committee before implementation.

Official Relationship to an ERG or Affinity Group

Many companies have ERGs or Affinity groups for underrepresented people – a Black ERG, women's ERG, LGBT ERG, etc. If you're making a specifically focused allyship group (for example for an LGBT group), create an official tie to this Partner Group. This structures the accountability essential to do allyship work properly.

If you have a particular Partner Group, they may want to have a seat for an ally position on their steering committee to ensure accountability from the allyship group. Some companies make this position a co-leadership role, held both by an ally and a member of the ERG. Allyship leadership and Partner Group leadership mostly have close working relationships in which allyship club leadership submit for review all the programming they're planning on doing.